Who Are We?

I'm Felicity, the founder of Mini French, an Edinburgh based venture running fun, interactive French language sessions for young children and parents. Mini French was founded on the belief in the joy of having a second language and the knowledge that providing a stimulating environment for young children aids brain development.


I have a degree in French and met my husband Bruno whilst living in France. We are successfully bringing up our children Elliott, Tristan and Juliette to be bilingual. I have completed a course in the Psychology of Language and am keenly interested in language acquisition in infants and young children.

Since becoming a Mum, I have found that singing together in French has provided a fun way to ensure that my children are exposed to the language as much as possible from birth. This led to the creation of Mini French... The sessions have developed to include mini activities, stories and games.

French for kids

We have lots of French families at our sessions who come back again and again.

I have been surprised and impressed by my children's ability to accept two languages in their life without questioning it, which as adults, we have a tendency to do. It really is an advantage to learn a second language at a young age when the brain is still flexible .

I really hope that you join us for our Mini French sessions.

To book a place, ask any questions or provide feedback please contact us.

Felicity, Elliott, Tristan & Juliette


My little boy and I just loved our very first Mini French class! It was so much fun, yet educational at the same time. My little boy is 3 and has remembered quite a few French words already - incredible! Felicity and her team are fab. The classes are well organised, fun, relaxed and provide a great environment for your little ones to learn French. Highly recommend! 10/10 x.  Zoe.

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