Teach my child French

Three things you can do TODAY to teach your child French

We are all busy parents. So I will keep this short! There are many things you can do to expose your child to a second language regardless of your own level. How do I know this? My three children are bilingual and I am not a French native speaker. Yes, my husband is French but I am often the one initiating French at home. We live in the UK so our majority language is English. Our minority language is French and the one that needs nurturing.

Also! I am using the same blueprint to start Spanish with the children and they are learning the foundations of their third language well! Even though I would classify my Spanish as conversational at best.

So what can you do to teach your child French today? And, how do you keep it up?

Here are some quick tried and tested language learning hacks for you (in addition to watching cartoons etc which I have already blogged about)

Identify the moments you have time together

I am going to assume that you are together for some or all of the below daily events?

  1. Bathtime?
  2. Mealtimes?
  3. Getting dressed in the morning?

It is unlikely to be sustainable if you try to carry out whole French lessons at home unless you are homeschooling or VERY dedicated. If you are then WELL DONE! {virtual hat off} You will help them progress really well if you make your home lessons fun and the vocabulary meaningful.

BUT! If you do not have time to create a whole curriculum do not worry! Start with small but effective steps. Identify the moments of the day when you have one on one time (or one to two or three for busy families like mine!) – what could you do at these points?

HERE’S THE HACK: Find a song to go with each one on one time. If it matches up with the activity then even better! Let me help you out. Bathtime: Bateau sur l’eau – here is my free MP3 (I recently changed my file system so if you have issues please email me!). Mealtimes: J’aime la galette (change the word ‘galette’ to what you are eating – ask Alexa or look it up on Google translate), Getting dressed: Sing “Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” in French (link is to a rather retro video but I like it!

If you do this regularly you will both learn all the words in those songs! Effortlessly.

Take it further!

  1. Talk about the weather in the morning!
  2. Do the Mini French challenge – you’ll learn so much and easily!
  3. Play restaurants together – role play can be incredibly effective – and fun! Here is the vocabulary you need.

Simple steps, when made fun will have lasting effects! Remember the goal at this age is to pique their interest and demystify languages. By the time they start formal education they will be miles ahead and you have given them a positive experience showing them that languages are part of life and fun.

As ever, email me with questions or your own ideas!


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