Recipe Time! Cat’s Tongue Biscuits!

Don’t under-estimate learning about other cultures in the early years!

Cultural awareness and learning about the diverse world we live not only:

  • fosters tolerance, and,
  • improves general knowledge

but also, has been shown to:

  • promote problem-solving skills
  • creativity

This is because children learn that there are several ways to do things!

Talk about other cultures via cooking! I cook and bake with my kids a lot and we love exploring French recipes – I have loads to share with you! Here is a simple fun biscuit recipe with a very quirky name! The recipe is in French and English. Bon appétit!

“Langues de Chat” Recipe

Use the recipe as a basis to discuss animals in French. Here is a link to a version of “Old MacDonald” in French!

There are also lots of animal songs in our Best of Mini French Album which you can dowload now!

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