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Activities with babies Edinburgh

‘Banish Baby Brain’: 7 brain-stimulating activities for parents

Nov 26, 2018

I have always disliked the term ‘baby brain’ (I have also heard it be called ‘momnesia’). New parents have so much on their plate, of course, their focus is elsewhere! However, there is scientific backing to suggest that mothers are impacted by a lack of concentration and focus. It is true that as a new parent you …

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French Halloween Video for Kids

Oct 30, 2018

“Halloween arrive” Halloween is not a traditional celebration in France but here in Scotland we love it! And it is growing in popularity in France. You may want some vocabulary to use with your little one tomorrow. We went to visit a farm at the weekend to choose our pumpkin for Hallowe’en! Have a look …

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French Snail Petit Escargot Craft

Craft time in French with your toddler: Autumn PlayDoh Snails

Oct 22, 2018

Here is a simple autumn craft you can relate back to your French classes! Make a cute snail with a conker and plasticine or PlayDoh, sing the song “Petit Escargot” and explore the meaning of the song together 🙂 Children are kinaesthetic learners so singing and making together is a fab way to learn. Petit …

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Bingo French counting

Step-by-step method for counting in French with your preschooler

Oct 17, 2018

Learning a language together is all about simple steps. Just start somewhere! When you start to see results you’ll be spurred on to achieve more 🙂 Let’s start with counting in French. Below is a manageable home lesson plan to learn to count to 20 (or 10 if that is your child’s current counting level). …

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French children books in the UK

How to get French children’s books in the UK?

Sep 30, 2018

I am often asked how to find good quality French children’s books in the UK. I love children’s books. Our house is full of them! My children have learned a huge amount of their French vocabulary from books I purchase in France. I received great feedback on a post I wrote last year with my French book recommendations …

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French for kids

Watch our new video!

Sep 29, 2018

It has been a very busy few months! Mini French has been signing-up a record number of children to our programmes. We are obtaining consistently high re-sign up rates from families and have started working in many new nurseries who are all giving us great feedback. My teachers and I work hard to ensure that our …

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starting a language with your baby

Start a language with your baby: Jack’s Story

Sep 25, 2018

When you start a language with your baby or young child, you are embarking on a rewarding journey. Most parents these days are keen for their child to gain the foundations of a second language. However, many parents do not know which age to start a language with their child or how to go about it! Knowing that …

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Kids French poster les fruits

Free Kids French Poster: Les Fruits!

Aug 31, 2018

Another in the poster series This time – fruit! LINK HERE Ideas for using: Print and display in the house Cut up into flashcards Print two copies, cut up and play snap Keep near the fruitbowl Use as part of your shopping trip Make up a fruit song – or find French fruit songs (hint: …

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Spotlight on Lyon with kids! 10 Tips from a Local

Aug 29, 2018

Hands up if you love a city break or a holiday! But isn’t it hard to know whether a destination will be good with children though? I think Lyon is a great all-year-round destination. It has everything to make it a great break – culture, food, sunshine but also lots of parks and opportunities for …

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bring child up bilingually

4 Steps to bringing your child up bilingually

Aug 22, 2018

So you are pregnant or are already a parent and are hoping to bring your child up bilingually or with a solid knowledge of another language! Amazing! I have three bilingual children and spend lots of time with families just like yours. It is a joyful journey! The good news is that you can do …

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