Mini Noël

French Christmas

At Mini French we LOVE Christmas! Get into the festive spirit with our popular Christmas sessions based on our wonderful Christmas Cd! Leave feeling uplifted, knowledgeable and with a little gift...

Christmas carols!

Mini French songs

Toys, actions & dancing

Cute Personalised Christmas crafts 

A little bit of Christmas magic!

The spirit of Christmas with a French twist!

A present for every child

Learn about French traditions!

** Our new limited edition Christmas Cd is highly recommended for home use and to get the full experience but it is optional you can book with or without!**

Dates and Prices

Wednesday 12th December

  • 10am Joy Tots Leith - 45mins

Thursday 13th December

  • 1:30pm Marchmont - 60 mins
  • 3pm Morningside - 60 mins

Saturday 15th December

  • 10am Stockbridge - 60 mins

Joy Tots - 45 minutes session - no craft

  • One Child + Cd/ Mp3 pack £14.50
  • One Child no Cd Pack £8.50
  • Sibling 6 months and over £5.00
  • Sibling Under 6 months Free

Marchmont/ Morningside/ Stokbridge - 60 minutes sessions

  • One Child + Cd/ Mp3 pack £15.00
  • One Child no Cd Pack £9.00
  • Sibling 6 months and over £8.00
  • Sibling Under 6 months Free

My son and I enjoy this class so much that we are about to sign up for our 4th block. Felicity has put so much thought and creativity into designing a fun and appealing class for little ones, and is wonderfully patient with them too. Even if you don't know any French, and weren't planning on picking a language-orientated activity, it's one of the best toddler classes in Edinburgh. Each of the songs have well-thought-out props and easily memorable actions so it really doesn't take long to pick things up - and there are some really energetic songs in there too. Felicity always ends with a story, and takes care to adapt to the needs of the group - teaching simple new vocabularly such as counting when the group seems to be ready for it. My son (now almost 3) has quite a few French words he will use in conversation now - he prefers the French word for 'swim' to the English! Highly recommended. Claire.

Time To Book?

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