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Take the 10-day Mini French challenge!

So you want to teach your child another language?

Believe in the power of languages and bilingualism? Know all about the amazing cognitive benefits learning another language could have for your child? BUT have a string of reasons why you just haven’t started a language with them yet? Or, you have started but need inspiration to keep going?

I understand.

As parents we have a lot on our plates and it is not easy unless you know how.

The time is now to start  a language with your child, baby or toddler

Any step towards incorporating some French into your day will help start your child set off on a wonderful journey towards language learning. It broadens their horizons and provides crucial mental stimulation in the early years.

And what if I told you it could be simple and fun? By joining this challenge you will receive:

  • a welcome email with further details on the challenge
  • a simple daily email for 10 DAYS
  • FREE printables & MP3s
  • a certificate at the end
  • a future monthly Mini French email with top tips & advice


With minimal effort you will:

  • build French expressions into your routine
  • learn 3 French songs together via free MP3s
  • enjoy simple activities at home with our free resources
  • discover that learning a language need not be a chore
  • spend stimuating time with your little one

What are you waiting for – it is all free and might just change your child’s learning forever!


And PLEASE let me know how you get on or if you need anything else! Always here to help – Felicity x

Simple Warming Winter Recipe!

So we make this quite often at our home.

A lovely French dessert or children’s afternoon snack which you can sneak some fruit into! Easy to make. Try to follow the French steps but there is also an English translation. Get your child involved! Learning about other cultures can start with food!

For very little ones you can reduce the sugar even further.

Link here – Clafoutis Recipe

Miam! Miam! Yum yum!

Recipe Time! Cat’s Tongue Biscuits!

Don’t under-estimate learning about other cultures in the early years!

Cultural awareness and learning about the diverse world we live not only:

  • fosters tolerance, and,
  • improves general knowledge

but also, has been shown to:

  • promote problem-solving skills
  • creativity

This is because children learn that there are several ways to do things!

Talk about other cultures via cooking! I cook and bake with my kids a lot and we love exploring French recipes – I have loads to share with you! Here is a simple fun biscuit recipe with a very quirky name! The recipe is in French and English. Bon appétit!

“Langues de Chat” Recipe

Use the recipe as a basis to discuss animals in French. Here is a link to a version of “Old MacDonald” in French!

There are also lots of animal songs in our Best of Mini French Album which you can dowload now!