Month: April 2019

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Language blogs round-up!

There is a lot of info out there on learning a language. And quite rightly so! It is one of the best skills you can have (in our humble opinion!) From language apps to blogs to forums – there is a lot to sift through.

Good information on teaching children a language is a bit harder to find. However, we have done the leg work for you! Here are some of the blogs that we like at Mini Languages. Have a read and let us know what you think!

  1. French For Little Kids Instagram. A daily dose of French aimed at young kids. Animated vocabulary, activities to inspire you and grammar tips. Plus, a vlog with helpful tips from anything from reading in French to useful expressions you can use with your little one. Why do we like it? A good range of quality activities and friendly advice… Oh ok, and it is our Insta account…. but really it is a great resource!
  2. Le Toboggan Website and instagram. This is an Australian book store and although many of you reading this blog will be UK based, it is worth checking out as they review kids foreign language books on there and have some really fun stock.
  3. Bilingual Monkeys Website and other social media. Successful author and father to two children in Japan, Adam Beck blogs about his journey raising bilingual kids. He is relatable and humorous. His often releases funny quotes and memes relating to raising children with more than one language that make me giggle and remind you of the lighter parts of languages. A refreshing approach.
  4. Multilingual Parenting Website. Although the style of this blog could maybe do with a refresh the articles are very useful. They touch on important aspects of raising bilingual children and many of these ideas and discussions could still be useful to monolingual carers.
  5. Multicultural Kids Blogs Website. As you can read from the title, this blog has a focus on raising cultured kids. In their own words, they create “educational and parenting content which celebrates global cultures, languages and belief systems”. They aim to promote diversity in all its forms. Pretty cool huh?

So have a read through… let us know what you think!

Hoop Awards 2019 - Hero Facebook Best Kids class Edinburgh

Success at the Hoop Awards!

Over 100,000 votes were cast in the 2019 Awards to find the UK’s favourite kids’ activities and celebrate the people and organisations that go above and beyond to entertain, educate and inspire your children!

Success in the Best For Learning Category

We are delighted to announce that Mini Languages was successful in the Best For Learning category in Edinburgh for the second year running! We came runner-up to Dynamic Earth – a deserving winner given they are a wonderful Edinburgh institution who does a lot for the city.

But there is more…

I founded Mini Languages in 2012 and meet so many families and children. Each one always holds a special place in my heart as I see these little ones grow and develop.

So I was bowled over to receive the Hoop Hero Award for 2019! This is “the family activity professional who has made the biggest impact local families in the last year”.

As it is voted for by parents, I was touched to read the comments people had submitted.

“Her energy is fantastic – she enjoys what she does and the children respond to that. Her classes are great fun!”

“Felicity inspired my daughter’s love of languages. She gets so much joy out of the French language and is very proud of using what she knows. This is without a doubt due to Felicity’s consistently fun, engaging and encouraging classes. At 7, she was so inspired, she decided she wanted to be a French teacher!”

“Felicity is so engaging with the children. She really goes out of her way to include all children and adults to make a fun, stimulating session.”

All the hard work is made extra worth it by this award. So thank you to anyone who voted in the Edinburgh kids classes category. It means a lot.

Felicity x