Month: April 2018

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Go practice French with your kids on the cheap!

Is there a better way to put the French that you have been learning at your Mini French classes into practice?

“Gone are the days of cheap flights” – Not if you search well and are flexible! I have just spent time on one of my favourite activities – searching for cheap flights 🙂

Perhaps you would like to see what I found… some real bargains! I think the dates would mostly suit families with little ones who are not yet at school but you could try tinkering with the dates. I have also included links to the local Tourist Information for activities.

Check them out below all return from Edinburgh and prices correct at time of writing – I am guessing there will be fees on top. Let me know if you end up booking any!


Catch some Mediterranean rays! Airport is 15 mins from the centre and there are lots of outdoors activities on hand! Tourist Information in English

DIRECT with Ryanair

OUT Sunday 6/05 @ 12:55

BACK Wednesday 16/05 @ 15:30


Leaving next week for a weeks holiday! Beautiful World Heritage Site city and the most amazing sausage cassoulet! Tourist Information in English 

DIRECT with Ryanair

OUT Tuesday 24/04 @ 08:30

BACK Tuesday 1/05 @ 12:35


A cool city to visit with kids plus you would have time to visit the region – relaxed vibe and good food! Visit Brussels with kids website

DIRECT with Ryanair

OUT Thursday 26/04 @ 12:20

BACK Thursday 3/05 @ 15:30


Ok – the most expensive on the list but not a bad price for Paris! You would have time to visit both Paris and Versailles. Note the tricky return time though.

DIRECT with Transavia

OUT Friday 27/04 @ 13:05

BACK Wednesday 2/05 @ 06:05


A sunny city break in Nice? Yes, please! Beaches, history and cool playparks. Best of Nice with Kids Blog

*FLIGHT OUT Ryanair & BACK WITH Easyjet

OUT Thursday 17/05 @ 14:30 (Short stopover in Stanstead)

BACK Sunday 20/05 @ 22:05 (Direct to Edinburgh)

£66pp BASEL

Ok, so Basel is technically German speaking but everyone speaks French there and you could still get lots of practice in. Or you can drive about 45 minutes to the nearest French speaking canton (region). Hiking, natural swimming and museums. Basel family activities

DIRECT with Easyjet

OUT Friday 18/05 @ 08:40

BACK Thursday 24/05 @ 07:05

I’ll post again next month with some more top flight tips… chase the sun and practice some French! Go on treat yourself!

French class for children

And there you were…! Happy Birthday to us!

A big ‘Merci’ to the hundreds (maybe over a thousand if I actually counted!) of families who have supported and enjoyed Mini French over the last 6 years! We turn 6 tomorrow!

I started my first group at Marchmont St Giles Church in Edinburgh one Wednesday morning and I still remember the children from the group. It was an exciting day for me and I had no idea where it would lead….

I came up with the idea for a music based French class with LOADS of toys for very young children. No-one in the UK was doing anything like that then that I could find online. I knew that a suite of music tracks would be crucial and spent hours making the songs. Then I advertised and told friends and just hoped that other people would also have heard of the benefits of learning languages in the early years…

AND THERE YOU ALL WERE! These wonderful, positive Mums and Dads (and grandparents) with their little eager kids! We had a blast and I knew we had created something super cool 🙂

Since then, the market for products and services for languages in the preschool years has started booming! The Scottish Government has also introduced an initiative in primary schools from age 5 and lots more research has been released highlighting the huge advantages we gain from learning a second language – at any age.

At Mini French we are always innovating – lots of exciting projects underway….

The original and best. IMHO…. 😉

Thank you – and here is to the next 6 years!

Felicity, Founder Mini French

Scotland's Play Charter: Play Champion

Mini French becomes a ‘Play Champion’

Happy days! Mini French is now recognised as a “Play Champion” meaning we officially recognise Scotland’s Play Charter which is a commitment to play for all babies, children and young people in Scotland!

At Mini French our ethos is learning is best through play in the early years and this has been recognised!

A Play Champion will:

ü  Promote the Play Charter for Scotland

ü  Highlight that every child has the right to play in line with Article 31 of the UNCRC and raise awareness of the importance of play for all babies, children and young people including those with disabilities and disadvantaged groups

ü  Ensure a commitment to play is more strongly embedded within policies, strategies, key qualifications and CPD training

ü  Ensure that children and young people are supported in their right to play and that play spaces are valued within communities

ü  Inspire individuals, play providers and organisations to promote a range of inclusive play opportunities

ü  Champion the place of children and young people in the public realm, supporting the sight and sound of children playing in our communities

ü  Highlight that children and young people need opportunities to play indoors and outdoors in welcoming and stimulating environments. 

See Scotland’s Play Charter here


Felicity x

Free printable: Door signs!

Alert: language hack!

Find the time to add some French to your daily routine.

Here is a free printable from Mini French to learn the names of rooms in the house!

Keep it simple! Every little helps. Plus, the repetition of seeing and saying the words together once a day or even a few times a week will enable it to sink in.

Door signs not to your taste? Have a crafty afternoon of making them yourself with your little one.