Month: November 2017

*Top Secret* Being released soon…

2017 has been fantastic and lots of work as well!

Mini French now have six copyrighted CD’s/ MP3 collections in the series!! Our sessions are based around these disks and are only available as part of the course.

BUT! I am often contacted by families outside of the Edinburgh area looking for ways to support their little ones in learning a new language (and indeed the whole family!). So, we are currently in the process of making a Best of Mini French CD!

This bumper compilation will feature some of our most popular songs available as a CD and/ or MP3 download. The pack will also contain an illustrated songbook with tips on using at home and focus words to use in the home.

We still have some work to finish on it but if you are interested in reserving one of the first batch then please get in touch for more info…



Simple Warming Winter Recipe!

So we make this quite often at our home.

A lovely French dessert or children’s afternoon snack which you can sneak some fruit into! Easy to make. Try to follow the French steps but there is also an English translation. Get your child involved! Learning about other cultures can start with food!

For very little ones you can reduce the sugar even further.

Link here – Clafoutis Recipe

Miam! Miam! Yum yum!