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Bateau sur l’eau! And Free MP3!

By MiniFrench | Mar 2, 2018

This song is one of our favourites at the Mini French sessions. And here is how to add your own twist at home to make the words meaningful whilst the kids have fun and you get two minutes of peace! All you need is a cardboard box… check the full activity here. Download FREE Mini …

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By MiniFrench | Mar 2, 2018

At Mini French we are pleased as punch to announce that we have been included in the category for Best French Language Resource awarded by Tutorful. You can read their full article here. We are building up our activities database for young children and families and hope you keep your eye on this blog, our …


Toc, toc, toc! Free ‘lift-the-flap’ printable

By MiniFrench | Mar 2, 2018

All children like to peep behind the doors in books! At story time in Mini French – it often requires crowd control! Why not make your child a personalised “lift the flap” game! The visual and hands-on nature of this activity will make discovering some new words fun. Plus, the use of some familiar images …

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Pass the time with FROZEN in French! Karaoke!

By MiniFrench | Mar 2, 2018

J’adore la neige! I really do love snow and the cosy feeling of being indoors after some fun activities in the cold. I like the excitement of seeing a blanket of snow when you wake up one morning, all crisp and inviting. I like a week of snow a bit less. Especially when you (or …

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Let’s go to a restaurant! Bonjour Madame!

By MiniFrench | Feb 6, 2018

There is nothing better than taking time to really play with your child. Join them in their imaginary world by initiating a French restaurant game. Use this simple guide plus printable menu to play restaurants! I love doing this with kids as they become so absorbed! A great moment to learn. For older children you …

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All fall down! 1, 2, 3 tombé!

By MiniFrench | Jan 28, 2018

Quick 5 minutes of French? Grab come blocks or some boxes! All children like to build towers but most importantly to knock them down! You can play this with your child with blocks or anything that comes to hand! Rummage in the recycling for boxes to upsize this activity! Click here for the activity!

New Pinterest Page! Free resources and links

By MiniFrench | Jan 28, 2018

So I am always looking for easy wasy to share langauge activity ideas with families and since I love using Pinterest for my other projects, I realised it would be a cool thing to incorporate into the Min French offering! Still under development but feel free to have a nosy… Merci et à bientôt!

** Top Secret ** Being released soon…

By Felicity | Nov 28, 2017

2017 has been fantastic and lots of work as well! Mini French now have six copyrighted CD’s/ MP3 collections in the series!! Our sessions are based around these disks and are only available as part of the course. BUT! I am often contacted by families outside of the Edinburgh area looking for ways to support …

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Simple Warming Winter Recipe!

By Felicity | Nov 10, 2017

So we make this quite often at our home. A lovely French dessert or children’s afternoon snack which you can sneak some fruit into! Easy to make. Try to follow the French steps but there is also an English translation. Get your child involved! Learning about other cultures can start with food! For very little …

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Sing and craft! Le grand cerf!

By Felicity | Oct 30, 2017

One of our favourite songs in Mini French – it features on one of our CDs – is Le Grand Cerf about a “big deer’ in his house when a rabbit knocks at the door! Plenty of good vocabulary (grand, maison, dans, regarder…). Find it on YouTube then: watch, sing and craft the characters! this …

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